Great Wall
Chinese Restaurant

Authentic Chinese Cuisine
Vegetarian and Seafood Specialty

              since 1989

Welcome to Our Restaurant!

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I have been going to this restaurant every few months for around 10 years. The food is great! Service is excellent.           -Bert R. (5 Stars)

Its a no-nonsense, just the basics, ambiance, but totally pleasant with big windows in front facing the Oakland Hills, spacious seating arrangements and big tables which make it great for gathering of friends. Its CHEAP!                            -Mariah D. (5 Stars)

This is prob my fav chinese restaurant in the east bay.    
    -Christian C. (An Elite '13; 5 Stars)

...15 Minutes later I had my food presented to me. It came out Piping hot and Packed full of Flavor.                               -Eugene L. (An Elite '13; 4 Stars)

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